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FieldCLIX provides full lifecycle field operations
management on an Integrated Platform
Schedule and Deploy crews with Dynamic Dispatch Management
  • Plan and schedule resource assignments across multiple days
  • Dispatch field crews with text and email notifications containing job details
  • Specify arrival and departure times
  • Rapid re-assignment directly from Dispatch Calendar
  • Color coded status and click-through with additional details
  • Assign resources based on certifications, skill sets and locations
  • Automated Scheduling and Dispatch for Maintenance Tickets
  • (Included with FieldCLIX Cloud and Enterprise)
Get Real-Time Project Status with the Daily Operations Dashboard
  • Initiate and Manage Field Deployment Projects with Workflow Automation
  • Real-Time Status on Field Crew Activities
  • Project Milestone Tracking and Progress Notifications
  • Centralized Access to all relevant client and project data
  • Photo and Service Task Checklist Management
  • Instant Messaging and Media Sharing for Deployment Teams
  • (Included with FieldCLIX Cloud and Enterprise)
Track Project Costs against Budgets with the daily Budget Dashboard
  • Create project budgets based on projected labor, material and 3rd party vendor costs
  • Track revenue, costs and profitability throughout project (Labor, Materials and 3rd Party Vendors)
  • Central repository of pre-negotiated labor and material costs (unit costs) by client and project
  • Track Labor costs and Manage Margin Levers throughout project
  • Update budget based on change orders and POs
  • (Included with FieldCLIX Cloud and Enterprise - Labor Budgeting only in Cloud version)
Eliminate manual time cards with Timekeeping and Payroll Automation
  • Daily Crew GPS tracking with geo-fencing
  • Automated Time Card Generation with Work Classification
  • Automated Time Audit Workflow
  • Payroll-Ready Data Export with Overtime Calculations
  • Salary and Hourly Labor Tracking
  • Timekeeping review and Time Adjustment request for Field Crews
  • (Included with FieldCLIX Cloud and Enterprise)
Easy to Use Mobile Application helps ensure successful deployments
  • Access to Dispatch Work Orders with Service Task and Photo Checklists
  • Automated Timekeeping: Field Crew only needs to Clock in and Clock out
  • Mobile Access to MOPs, Job Aids, Supporting Documents
  • Photo/Video Checklists with Time & GPS-Stamp, Auto-Naming and Instant Upload
  • Per Diem and Material Request Submission
  • Field Audit Forms
  • (Included with FieldCLIX Cloud and Enterprise)
Control materials and assets with Inventory and Asset Management
  • Consumable Material Library with images and pricing
  • Automated Bill of Material (BOM) Creation
  • Material Shortfall notifications and Purchase Request Process
  • Transfer and Track Materials across different locations (Warehouse, Trucks, Job Sites)
  • Asset Library: 300+ Assets with unique attributes and photos
  • Notifications for key Asset-Related dates (i.e. service, expiry, etc.)
  • Tag and Photograph Assets and Bar Code Inventory Items Using Mobile App
  • (Included with FieldCLIX Enterprise)
Manage all Financial Transactions with Client and Vendor Invoice Management
  • Issue timely and accurate Invoices based on project milestone status and associated unit costs
  • Accurately manage and track billings against Client POs
  • Track invoicing and payment status across multiple stages (integrated with accounting platform, i.e. Quickbooks)
  • Scoping/Quote Generation
  • Capture, Validate and Approve Vendor Invoices
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • (Included with FieldCLIX Enterprise)
Detailed Financial and Operational Analytics
  • Tap into rich and powerful data sets to support your tactical and strategic business decisions
  • Detailed Financial Reporting across company, regions, projects and roles
  • Daily updates on revenue, costs and profitability based on up to date invoicing and all project and corporate costs
  • Automatic Financial Allocations
  • Customize your own list of Profit Centers